I teach Czech using a communication method. Groups or one-to-one courses with respect for your needs.


I proofread Czech texts to make you sure your documents are ready to be sent to the public.

Preparation for exams

I prepare you for passing a Czech exam, e.g. for permanent stay, Czech citizenship, university etc.

I have taught

150+ students ••• 40+ nationalities ••• 50+ students for exams

Blog news

Summer Alphabet in e-book

E-book The Summer Alphabet for students of Czech. Start today and learn one new word a day. You will know 54 new Czech words till the end of August.

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„Saying hello“ everytime and everywhere?

Are you always the first who says hello? Maybe you don´t greet others. Or do you wait when someone greets you? Read how the Czech say hello each other.

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I want to learn Czech on the Internet 2

You´ve been learning Czech and would like to use the Internet. But there are a lot of programmes. What to choose? The second part of your favourite article.

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To je pro mě španělská vesnice / It is all Greek to me

Czechs use „geographic“ phrases: To je pro mě španělská vesnice. Objevil jsi Ameriku. Zmizím po anglicku. Have you heard them? Do you understand them?

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