Christmas Alphabet in e-book

Christmas Alphabet in e-book
I have a small present for you – e-book the Christmas Alphabet. Use the Advent time and Christmas days off. Start today and learn two „Christmas“ words a day. You will know 27 new words at the end of the year!… Read more
It was before the Velvet Revolution…
The Velvet Revolution was very important event in modern Czech history. Czechs often divide the new era into the parts before and after the revolution. The Velvet Revolution was lasting several days and became a symbol of the end of the communist regime. Do you know when it was and why we call it „Velvet“? The communist Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia was… Read more
The First Republic and „Daddy“ Masaryk
Czechs often say „the First Republic“ when they speak about their history. Do you know what it means? Do you know when the era of the First Republic was? It was one of the best Czech (and Slovak) periods. But only for 20 years…… Read more
I want to discover Czechia
Tips for trips in CR Are you a foreigner living in the Czech Republic? Discover Czechia and attractive places, interesting people and Czech character. It´s summer – a great time for trips. I offer you a couple of tips where to travel throug Czechia.… Read more
I want to learn Czech on the Internet
You have been learning Czech and would like to use the Internet as well. But there is a lot of information, programmes, applications… What to choose? What can be helpful? Here are a few tips.… Read more
I want to read a Czech book. But which one? (1. část)
Reading Czech books is a great activity for training Czech, widening vocabulary and better understanding. But what to read? Do you feel lost in book shops, e-shops and libraries? Here is a help: overview of books suitable for students of Czech.… Read more
Is Czechia a good place to live?
We were talking about „a typical Czech“ and his behavior last time . You, foreigners living in the Czech Republic, assessed Czechs. Now it´s time to have a look who you are: how many foreigners live here, where you are from, where you live, why you decided to stay here and maybe we find out more interesting information.… Read more
7 tips how to get to know a Czech character
Are you a foreigner living in the Czech Republic and would you like to adapt here quickly? Let´s get to know typical Czech behavior and customs. It helps you to find appropriate approach to Czechs and to avoid misunderstanding.… Read more
Do you like cooking? Learn Czech in the kitchen.
Would you like to make your Czech lessons more pleasant? Come to cook with us. It´s fun, you can také good food and you can practise what you have learnt. You may read an article Accusative in the kitchen. Today I offer a new recipe: let´s cook vajíčková pomazánka (an egg spread) and train partitive genitive.… Read more
Let me in! I want to know you!
Do you think Czechs are closed and dismissive? Would you like to be in contact with them but they are indifferent? Don´t be afraid to make the first step – address Czechs by yourself! Let´s learn a few phrases which help you in getting acquainted with Czechs.… Read more