Summer Alphabet in e-book

Summer Alphabet in e-book
I have a small present for you – e-book the Summer Alphabet. Use summer time, vacation and days off. Start today and learn one „summer“ word a day. You will know 54 new words at the end of August!… Read more
„Saying hello“ everytime and everywhere?
Sometimes students ask me why the Czech so often say hello – „Dobrý den“. They wonder how often they can hear this and I wonder their questions. So what do you know about Czech culture and greetings?… Read more
I want to learn Czech on the Internet 2
You have been learning Czech and would like to use the Internet as well. But there are a lot of programmes, applications… What to choose? What can be helpful? You probably have read a few tips in the first article. Here is the second part and other possibilities.… Read more
To je pro mě španělská vesnice / It is all Greek to me
The Czechs „travel“ to abroad sometimes when they speak Czech. They use „geographic“ phrases: To je pro mě španělská vesnice. Objevil jsi Ameriku. Zmizím po anglicku. Have you heard them? Do you understand them? 1. To je pro mě španělská vesnice. When a Czech says „To je pro mě španělská vesnice“ („It is a Spanish village to me“), it means… Read more
5 tips how to make your Czech learning enjoyable
You learn Czech and want to know Czech language good and quickly. But sometimes your motivation falls down. The study seems to be difficult, you are tired, frustrated because your progress goes slowly, you can´t remember anything… You need a restart and here is a little help for you.… Read more
Byt není být or A Length Mark Works Wonders
How to pronounce correctly in Czech 1: Length and stress. Is Czech pronunciation a problem for you? I offer you a short training. Today´s topic: vowels – the length and the stress in Czech.… Read more
I want to read a Czech book. But which one? (2nd part)
    Reading Czech books is a great activity for training Czech, broadening vocabulary and better understanding. But what to read? Do you feel lost in book shops, e-shops and libraries? Here is a help: overview of five new books suitable for students of Czech.… Read more
Tomorrow I will finally start learning Czech!
Czechs often make their New Year´s resolution – a promise they will do what they need, have to, want but they hadn´t had enough time, had been lazy… The resolution often concerns their study of languages: I am going to start learning, to learn more… And what about you? Would you like to learn Czech effectively? Great! Here are three… Read more
Christmas Alphabet in e-book
I have a small present for you – e-book the Christmas Alphabet. Use the Advent time and Christmas days off. Start today and learn two „Christmas“ words a day. You will know 27 new words at the end of the year!… Read more
It was before the Velvet Revolution…
The Velvet Revolution was very important event in modern Czech history. Czechs often divide the new era into the parts before and after the revolution. The Velvet Revolution was lasting several days and became a symbol of the end of the communist regime. Do you know when it was and why we call it „Velvet“? The communist Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia was… Read more