Jitka is extremely motivated and talented teacher of Czech language. She can combine her enthusiasm and linguistic knowledge. She knows how to motivate her students and to make them to do their best but she can also ingritiate them. What more, Jitka is very competent and her preparation for the lessons is excellent and professional.

Romana Holomčiková, Senior Teacher and Recruiter, James Cook Languages


I met Jitka in Glossa language school and I can fully recommend her. I respect her as a great colleague, who is very reliable, and especially as a excellent professional. I have met only few teachers who are so responsible as she is. She is the strongest in personal approach to the student, precise preparing and charisma. She knows how to support and motivate a student, how to manage a lesson to be maximum effective and enjoyable.

Marcela Karlíková, lecturer of Czech for foreigners


I have had a lot of teachers during the time I have been learning Czech but Jitka is the best. For every lesson she prepares exactly what I need and what I am interested in. One lesson with her is at least as effective as 10 with other teacher. She always notices my mistakes and she immediately has an idea how to practice it. But she makes the lessons pleasant as well. Czech language has a comlicated grammar which is a problem even for native speakers. That is why is important to have a professional as Jitka. She really knows what she is doing.

Melanie Gabauer, student


I have been learning foreign languages for 8 years. I have had a lot of teachers so I know how important personal approach is. Some student are not able to study for 100 % if they are not interested in the education. It is necessary to have a plan for them not to be bored during lessons. Mrs Pourová is good at it. For each lesson she prepares interesting information usable in everyday life as well. She is still active. When she notices you are tired she offers a game for a short relax but you still work. She can use the lesson time for maximum so the education is absolutelly effective. If you would like to learn Czech as quickly as possible you hardly find a better teacher than Mrs Pourová.

Alexander Puškin, student


I was very satisfied with Mrs Pourová´s lessons. At the first lesson she encouraged me and that´s why I started to speak and write in Czech more often. She explained a grammar to me very easily so it was much more clear than my learning by myself. I was keen on each lesson and now I have a lot of interesting information which helps me at my job. Thanks a lot and I recommend this teacher.

Ekaterina Shabalina, student


Jitka is a great teacher and a nice person. Her lessons are enjoyable and bring results. I fully recommend her!

Ross Zylman, student


I will write in English to make easier for the future students to understand. Jitka is an amazing Czech teacher and for sure the most creative teacher I have ever had. Thanks to her I can speak some Czech nowadays and had a great development. As my mother tongue is Portuguese and very different from Czech, I would never imagine I could reach such level in such short time. Jitka makes her classes in a very interesting way, which is never boring and makes everything easier to learn. I’m proud to have had the opportunity to learn with her and for sure was amazing useful. Especially the practical classes which we talk to Czech people or when she was bringing guests to the lessons, this gives the students the opportunity to practice in a real enviroment and better prepare for future situations. I just have thankful words for this amazing teacher!

Victor Malina, student


I have been cooperating with Jitka for a year and a half. It is enough for me to make sure Jitka is a real professional in teaching languages. She has a systematic but individual approach to organization of a lesson. Study plan is prepared in accordance with student´s purpose and interests. I can feel a permanent progress. I started to learn with A1/1 level study book and last week I unpacked B1 level book. When I had the first lesson I didn´t understand anything what people were saying. Now I can watch TV, read books with a dictionary, explain what I need in a shop, at the doctor, in a restaurant, city hall etc. I have always been a bad student but Jitka knows how to organize lessons in a way which won´t be boring. The other way around the study will be as an interesting game and your knowledge of language will be the price.

Ruslan Mukhamedov, programmer in Microsoft