I teach Czech using a communication method. Groups or one-to-one courses with respect for your needs.


I proofread Czech texts to make you sure your documents are ready to be sent to the public.

Preparation for exams

I prepare you for passing a Czech exam, e.g. for permanent stay, Czech citizenship, university etc.

I have taught

160+ students ••• 40+ nationalities ••• 60+ students for exams

Blog news

Bake Czech Christmas cookies

The Czechs bake cookies for Christmas. You can buy it in a shop but it tastes better if you prepare it. Try easy recipe for white and dark small balls.

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I want to practise listening and understand Czech

Do you have a problem to understand when the Czech people speak? Then you need to practise listening. But where? Here are some tips where to find good records.

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Mít and mýt – can you hear a difference?

Is Czech pronuncuation a problem for you? I offer you another short training. Today´s topic: vowels i and y. The Czechs pronounce them the same way.

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I want to discover Czechia 2

A foreigner living in the Czech Republic? Discover Czechia, its attractive places, people and Czech character. Find some tips where to travel.

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