I teach Czech using a communication method. Groups or one-to-one courses with respect for your needs.


I proofread Czech texts to make you sure your documents are ready to be sent to the public.

Preparation for exams

I prepare you for passing a Czech exam, e.g. for permanent stay, Czech citizenship, university etc.

I have taught

160+ students ••• 40+ nationalities ••• 60+ students for exams

Blog news

Progress in Czech or excuses? I tell you straight…

Do you know Czech saying „řeknu to na rovinu“? It means I tell you straight. And now I tell you straight what you need to do to be successful in your Czech study. Because you don´t want to listen to general advice anymore and I don´t want to listen to general excuses😊.

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I want to understand and speak in a Czech shop

Do you often go shopping to Czech (online) shops? You still can´t make yourself understood? Try new handouts for A1-B2 levels. New words, listening, reading, grammar and writing.

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Hodíte, nebo chodíte? or H is not CH

How to pronounce correctly in Czech 4: H/CH

Is Czech pronuncuation a problem for you? I offer you another short training. Today´s topic: consonants H and CH.

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A new e-book Učte se česky v kuchyni (Learn Czech in the kitchen)

A new material for learning Czech for foreigners: cookbook Učte se česky v kuchyni. 4 recipes, handouts, methodical notes for teachers, CZ-EN dictionary.

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