What do you do in your leisure time?

What do you do in your leisure time?
Someone does sports in his/her leisure time, someone goes for trips, someone visits galleries, someone rides a bicycle… And what about you? Can you talk about your hobby in Czech? Learn it with new handouts. Topic for A1 level: Hiking, topic for A2 level: Bicycle. New words, listening, reading, grammar and writing, online materials… Start right now!… Read more
Favourite Czech textbooks
Have you been learning Czech? Are you not sure what textbook you should use? Here is an overview of the basic ones we have in the Czech market. Choose acording to you level and start studying.… Read more
I want to discover Czechia 3
Tips for trips in CR Are you a foreigner living in the Czech Republic? Discover Czechia and attractive places, interesting people and Czech character. It´s summer – a great time for trips. I offer you a couple of tips where to travel through Czechia.… Read more
Progress in Czech or excuses? I tell you straight…
Do you know Czech saying „řeknu to na rovinu“? It means I tell you straight. And now I tell you straight what you need to do to be successful in your Czech study. Because you don´t want to listen to general advice anymore and I don´t want to listen to general excuses😊.… Read more
I want to understand and speak in a Czech shop
Do you often go shopping to Czech (online) shops? You still can´t make yourself understood? Try new handouts for A1-B2 levels. New words, listening, reading, grammar and writing.… Read more
Hodíte, nebo chodíte? or H is not CH
How to pronounce correctly in Czech 4: H/CH Is Czech pronuncuation a problem for you? I offer you another short training. Today´s topic: consonants H and CH.… Read more
A new e-book Učte se česky v kuchyni (Learn Czech in the kitchen)
Do you like cooking? Here is a new study material: cookbook Učte se češtinu v kuchyni. In this e-book there are four recipes, a lot of activities for Czech training, key, methodical notes for teachers and dictionary. You can gain the e-book here. … Read more
Bake Czech Christmas cookies
The Czechs bake cookies for Christmas. There are small pieces of confectionery. Some families prepare about five kinds of them, others thirty! You can buy it in a shop but if you prepare it by yourselves it will taste better. Try easy recipe for white and dark small balls.… Read more
I want to practise listening and understand Czech
Do you have a problem to understand when the Czech people speak? Then you need to practise listening. But where? If you have lessons tell your teacher and he/she will help you. If you study by yourself here are some tips where to find good records.… Read more
The Czech Republic celebrates 100 years!
The Czech Republic celebrates its birthday: 100 years! Is it an old or a young lady? How did „she“ come into existence? What happened in a hundred-year period? And do you know any of famous Czech people?… Read more