How we learn Czech

Bake Czech Christmas cookies
The Czechs bake cookies for Christmas. You can buy it in a shop but it tastes better if you prepare it. Try easy recipe for white and dark small balls. Read moreRead more
I want to practise listening and understand Czech
Do you have a problem to understand when the Czech people speak? Then you need to practise listening. But where? Here are some tips where to find good records. Read moreRead more
Mít and mýt – can you hear a difference?
Is Czech pronuncuation a problem for you? I offer you another short training. Today´s topic: vowels i and y. The Czechs pronounce them the same way. Read moreRead more
I want to discover Czechia 2
A foreigner living in the Czech Republic? Discover Czechia, its attractive places, people and Czech character. Find some tips where to travel. Read moreRead more
Summer Alphabet in e-book
E-book The Summer Alphabet for students of Czech. Start today and learn one new word a day. You will know 54 new Czech words till the end of August. Read moreRead more
„Saying hello“ everytime and everywhere?
Are you always the first who says hello? Maybe you don´t greet others. Or do you wait when someone greets you? Read how the Czech say hello each other. Read moreRead more
I want to learn Czech on the Internet 2
You´ve been learning Czech and would like to use the Internet. But there are a lot of programmes. What to choose? The second part of your favourite article. Read moreRead more
To je pro mě španělská vesnice / It is all Greek to me
Czechs use „geographic“ phrases: To je pro mě španělská vesnice. Objevil jsi Ameriku. Zmizím po anglicku. Have you heard them? Do you understand them? Read moreRead more
5 tips how to make your Czech learning enjoyable
You learn and wanna know Czech good. But sometimes motivation falls down. The study is difficult, progress goes slowly. You need a restart. Help is here. Read moreRead more
Byt není být or A Length Mark Works Wonders
How to pronounce correctly in Czech 1: Length and stress. Is Czech pronuncuation a problem for you? Here is a short training. Topic: vowels – the length and the stress in Czech. Read moreRead more