Christmas Alphabet in e-book

Christmas Alphabet in e-book

I have a small present for you – e-book the Christmas Alphabet. Use the Advent time and Christmas days off. Start today and learn two „Christmas“ words a day. You will know 27 new words at the end of the year!

The end of the year is coming. Don´t wait for the New Year´s resolution to learn Czech more and more intesively. Start today!

27 words in 2 weeks!

1. Download the e-book Vánoční abeceda (the Christmas Alphabet).

2. Write to your diary a task for each day untill the end of the year: I´ll learn two new Czech words.

3. Start today! Learn first two „Christmas“ words. You will learn how Czechs spend Christmas, what they eat, you will get to know their traditions and habits etc.

4. Keep on learning untill 31st December.

5. You will know 27 new words at the end of the year!

Joy of your learning

I am sure you will be very happy at the moment you make it! And you will choose new tasks and goals in learning Czech which help you to advance.


Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year 2018. I hope we are going to meet in lessons or social nets.

Happy New Year and a lot of success in learning Czech!

Jitka Pourová

18th December 2017


PS: Do you know the Summer Alphabet e-book also exists?

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