Summer Alphabet in e-book

Summer Alphabet in e-book

I have a small present for you – e-book the Summer Alphabet. Use summer time, vacation and days off. Start today and learn one „summer“ word a day. You will know 54 new words at the end of August!

You can learn Czech also during summer. Is your teacher on vacation? Or do you have days off? Never mind. Start today!

How can I do it?

1. Download the e-book Letní abeceda (the Summer Alphabet).

2. Write to your diary a task for each day untill the end of August: I´ll learn one new Czech word.

3. Start today! Learn first „summer“ word. You will learn what you need for vacation, what the weather is usually like, what you can do during holiday etc.

4. Keep on learning until 31st August. When you have learnt all the words, make adjectives or verbs from them, create new sentences…

5. You will know 54 new words at the end of August! (And maybe more…)


I am sure you will be very happy at the moment you make it! And you will choose new tasks and goals in learning Czech which help you to advance.

I wish you great summer relaxing time. I hope we are still going to meet in lessons or social nets.

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22nd June 2018

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