I want to practise listening and understand Czech

I want to practise listening and understand Czech

Do you have a problem to understand when the Czech people speak? Then you need to practise listening. But where? If you have lessons tell your teacher and he/she will help you. If you study by yourself here are some tips where to find good records.

1. Audio belonging to study books (A1–B1)

Start with these records. I supposse many of you use books Česky krok za krokem or Čeština expres. Here are records (part Zvukové nahrávky): click on your book and listen to what you have been learning. 5times, 8times, 10times… so many times you need. Repeat words and sentences loudly. In the book there are transcripts (texts) when you don´t understand you can read. When you understand well go on to the next record.

2. Výuková videa (A1–A2)

Short videos for 15 basic situations. 2 videos for each situation: for A1 students and A2 students. Topics: living, how to call an emergency, how to make an appointment with the doctor, how to call police, how to fill in the form…Each video can have subtitles and transcription (when you don´t understand you read). 

3. Forvo (A1–C2)

In this programme you can listen to Czech words and their pronunciation. You write a word, see how many people have made the audio and start listening. When you can´t find the word you can write it to the „waiting“ list. Another user will find it, make the audio, you will receive an e-mail and can listen. Try to write e.g. Dobrý den and you will see…

4. Čeština do práce (A1–B1)

Are your colleagues the Czechs? Have a look at short videos – basic situations at work. Topics: interview, how to ask, how to appologize, how to disagree… Each video has transcription and a few exercises to check whether you understand well.

And here is my video how to use this web Čeština do práce.

5. Krátké české zprávy (A1–B1)

Do you want to know news from the Czechia but radio or TV speaks too fast? Listen to the short Czech news. You can also see Czech subtitles they will help you to understand. Every week a new podcast!

6. Adapted reading and audio (A2–B2)

Read and listen. You can find books – adapted reading suitable for students of Czech. There are stories or short novels in simplified Czech. Every book includes record as well. You read the book and then listen to the text and repeat. All the adapted books for students-foreigners are here.

7. Minutové hry (A2–C2)

You don´t have time for a long video? Listen to the short audio! Here are radio dramas, not longer than 1–2 minutes. Drama has a plot, it can be funny, sad, psychological… Each drama has also transcription. You can listen to the informal Czech as well. For example, listen to the drama called Chutnalo ti to?

8. Český rozhlas (B2–C1)

Are you an advanced student? Then listen to the original records. But choose audio of high quality. You can find them on the Czech radiobroadcasting web. It containes many topics and also podcasts. Choose a topic you like. You can subscribe for news as well.

9. Česká televize (B2–C1)

Website of the Czech television will be also useful for advanced students. I recommend ČT24 – news, sport, culture, politics, economics, science, the Czech Republic, abroad… And pay attention to the website iVysílání as well: here you can find serials, films, documentary films…

10. YouTube and serials (B2–C1)

Lucie Gramelová, a language mentor and lecturer, recommends to work with YouTube videos and find e.g. serials. I add another source of them: Česká televize. You can choose original Czech or foreign serials in iVysílání. They „speak“ Czech and you can use subtitles as well.


Have you chosen your channel for listening? Which one? Or do you have your own popular? Write me I am curious.


This article in Czech version.

13th November 2018


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